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“I look forward to Scott’s newsletter every month. When I was the commander of a 1400-person battalion in Korea, his words were always right what I needed at the moment. They are as applicable as ever today.” — Aimee DeJarnette, Colonel, U.S. Army

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Oct: Beware of Corporate Vanity
Sept: Inspecting Performance Versus Improving Performance
Aug: For Alignment Don’t Confuse “Consensus” with “Unanimous”
July: Stop Checking the Gas Tank Every 15 Miles
June: Innovate Your Way to Increasing Revenue
May: Where Profit Margins are Hiding from You
April: Creating Scale to Increase Revenue
March: There are No Customers at Headquarters
February: The Growth Strategy that No Competitor Can Copy
January: The Real Reason Your Business Isn’t Selling Solutions

December: Pitfalls Undermining Your Revenue Growth
November: How Executives Can Lead Top Line Growth
October: Sales Transformation Happens One Customer at a Time
September: You Can’t Cut Your Way to Growth
August: Leaders, Step Away From The Spreadsheet!
July: Stop Blaming Failed Strategy on “Poor Execution”
June: The Overlooked Beginning of the Customer Experience
May: Changing Sales Compensation Won’t Fix Your Revenue Growth Problem
April: Sales Transformation is Harder Than It Sounds
March: Sales – Where Strategy Goes to Die
February: No One Has Ever Been Inspired by An Email
January: Leading Revenue Growth


December: Explain It To Me Like We Are Friends From High School
November: Succinct or Clear (How about both?)
October: Cutting Through The Corporate Speak
September: Much Ado about Managing Millennials
August: Innovation and Change are Two Sides of the Same Coin
July: Creating Alignment
June: What Really Makes Tech Stars Shine
May: Managing the Optics
April: How to get your team to execute your strategy
March: Leaders need to define the work
February: Vagueness versus Precision
January: Fools Rush In


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