July 2: The Value of Fresh Eyes in Your Business

The Value of Fresh Eyes in Your Business:
If you know a college graduate, you know the challenge these young workers are facing as they enter the job market in an economic downturn. Securing employment in these times is even harder with no work experience. While there is a plethora of candidates out there, employers should not underestimate the value of a fresh perspective and a youthful eye, especially as we watch the world rapidly evolve. Recent college graduates will need training and mentorship, but they just might bring the valuable energy and perspective needed right now. If you have positions to be filled, here are some reasons to consider a recent graduate.
  • Malleable. With a lack of work experience comes an opportunity to build good work habits. In some ways, recent grads are a blank slate. You can coach them to be top performers, not spend your time undoing bad work habits.
  • Fresh Perspective. Business as usual is no longer a reality and identifying opportunities for innovation can be difficult for those currently in the industry. Let’s face it, we can get stuck in a rut with how we do business, and learning new technologies and trends can be daunting. Fresh eyes quickly identify areas of opportunity, and a digital native can be an invaluable asset if your business must expand or transition into the virtual world.
  • Curious and Quick Learners. Quick caveat here… as is true with any candidate, how recent college graduates show up in the workplace largely depends on the individual, and I encourage you to thoroughly vet all candidates. That said, many recent graduates are coachable, resourceful, and eager to learn. They will be curious about everything. They will want to know why and how things are run at the company and how your competitors’ approach similar challenges. An energetic and curious employee goes a long way in the development of a culture of learning and critical thinking that will benefit your entire team.
As we face so many unknowns, now may be the perfect time to invest in the fresh perspective, energy, and curiosity of a recent college graduate.
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Question to Ponder:
When you think of summer days, what do you think of?
For those of you in the USA, is there a specific 4th of July tradition that stands out? What about the 4th ignites a childlike spirit in you or makes your kids light up?

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