Edinger’s Monthly Insights – October 2019


Three Paths to Increase Revenue and Margins

If you lead an organization or a business unit, odds are you have at least one objective related to growing your top line or improving the bottom line. Ultimately, organic growth will only come in three ways: 


To acquire valuable, long-term growth clients, ensure that all client pursuit activity is centered on companies that fit your ideal client profile and the level of decision-maker you need to buy your products and services. 


To grow your business with existing clients, focus on opportunities where you can provide solutions based on the client’s needs and future plans. It’s easy for sales teams to fall back on capabilities presentations and assume they already understand a client’s needs, rather than engaging deeply to root out opportunities and create value as they did to first win the business.


To retain your current clients, focus on consistently delivering at a high level and look for ways to increase value. If you value your existing customers and want to keep their business, retention should be thought of as an area for potential growth. It’s often overlooked by executives, who forget the importance of treating existing customers as well as new customers.

Each function of the organization that regularly interacts with customers is responsible for executing your growth strategy in the field. If they are not crystal clear about the strategy for each category of customer, they put your overall growth strategy at risk, because revenue and net income increase based on the successful execution of strategy, not board room declarations.

For more detail on these three strategies, you can find it in my latest Forbes article here.

Client Congratulations

Bendcare shot up the Inc. 500 rankings to become the #30th fastest growing privately held company in the USA.

I’ve been proud to work with CEO Andrew Ripps and the leadership team to formulate growth strategies and execution plans to enable this growth. In addition, we worked together to create a framework to build a culture of high performance to galvanize the efforts of every employee in the business toward their goals.

Andrew was kind enough to say this in a recent interview: “The work we did with Scott was critical in forming the foundation for our successful growth. From culture and values as a scaling strategy, he helped me, and my team get clear about how we were going to successfully compete. We rolled up our sleeves together and worked on building frameworks for execution and developing an approach to creating and living a culture that drives individual accountability. His insights and experience were invaluable to me in leading, aligning and prioritizing the game-changing concepts of navigating a high-performance team through growth”.

Bendcare, LLC provides specialty support care center services, technology platforms and software, traditional and educational programming for physicians and patients and purchasing power to shrink the supply chain and offer high-quality medical supplements.

A Slice of Life Balance

Try to add a little more kindness to your interactions with others. It’s easy (and I observe all too common) to be curt or brusque when dealing with others. It’s easier still to justify it by saying you are being direct or that you are busy. But it takes no extra time to have a kinder tone and tenor to an interaction. Even when you’re frustrated or disappointed about something. The manner you engage with others says more about your character than anything else.

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