Edinger’s Monthly Insights – June 2016


New Look Website & Newsletter

I’m happy to share the updated version of my website and the new look of Edinger’s Monthly Insights. Special thanks to Chad Barr and his team for their creative design work.

I’ve added a lot of new content to the website with new articles that I’ve written for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Salesforce.com. There are over 20 new videos including this 2-minute highlight reel produced by my friends at the agency of  Hook and Blade.

In lieu of my monthly article, I’m sharing the following…

Each quarter, Harvard Business Review, selects a series of articles and republishes them in a kind of greatest hits format. Two of my past articles are republished in the Summer 2016 edition and I am happy to share them with you as readers of this newsletter.

The first,  What Really Makes Tech Stars Shine, shares some counterintuitive findings from my research and work with top performers.  Here is a link to a free copy.

The second, Making Yourself Indispensable, was called by HBR a classic in the making, and summarizes a practical approach to developing leadership strength. When I co-authored this article, I also filmed a couple of videos with HBR to quickly summarize the main idea. Here is a link to one of them on my site. The article is only accessible with a login, which is easy. If you’d prefer, just email me directly or reply to this message with a request and I’ll send you a licensed digital copy in .pdf form.

A Slice of Life Balance

Summer is upon us, and with vacation time on the horizon, you need to plan to have a good one. I’m not talking about flights, hotels, or other reservations. Rather, about how you approach vacation.

For many of you vacation time adds some stress, because while you will enjoy the change of scenery, experiences, and time with family, the time away from work may create anxiety.

Here is the number one thing to remember if that describes you: “You aren’t that important.” I don’t mean in the existential sense of life, but in the course of a week or even (gasp) two, how many mission-critical emails will you really get? How many urgent issues will genuinely arise? How many opportunities require immediate action in order to capitalize? Be honest. Odds are, the toughest thing to combat is what goes on in between your ears about being absent for a break.

I’ve written about this a lot, and every senior executive I’ve worked with has to deal with these circumstances. Here are some additional resources for you from past HBR articles:

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