We wanted to work with Scott because of his obsessive focus on our results. Our work wasn’t about just leadership development; it was about how we as leaders work with members of our teams to inspire them, improve performance, and create the kind of environment that supports high levels of engagement.

Ross Buchmueller, President and CEO, Pure

I’ve counted on the advice and work of Scott Edinger in two different companies. Most recently at the Cleveland HeartLab, he has worked with me on developing the strategy that has helped us to achieve significant growth. He has also helped us with leadership transitions, and in creating a culture that fuels innovation. I knew I could rely on Scott Edinger to help me and he’s done that.

Jake Orville, President and CEO, Cleveland HeartLab

I don’t like to hire consultants, but Scott Edinger is my exception to that rule. His focus on helping us achieve our strategic objectives and his style have allowed him to interact with our executives as if he were a member of our team.

Sheldon Fox, President, Government Communications Systems, Harris Corporation

A sales transformation effort at one of the largest newspapers in the country is no simple task and Scott Edinger helped us move from a transactional sales organization to a consultative one. That shift focused on creating value for clients versus just selling ad space. Scott is one of those rare consultants who not only has his heart in the right place (i.e., impeccable standards of integrity and decency) but also has the ability craft a sound strategy – and execute that strategy in a way that brings about results that hit the bullseye. I received much praise for a successful implementation, but the truth be told, so much of the credit for our success was due to the strategic, unassuming, yet decisive work of Scott Edinger.

Ara Norwood Sales Development, Los Angeles Times

A partner. If asked what first comes to mind when describing Scott, that is my answer – a partner. One of Scott’s strengths is his ability to become intimate with an organization – asking insightful questions to learn about the culture and then using this information to guide change. His MO is to ‘work outside of the box.’ He comes armed with a portfolio of products that he is able to transform into materials configured to meet an organization’s need. I cannot think of a situation where, because of Scott’s ability and attitude, we did not successfully solve the problem in a creative and action-oriented manner. Perhaps the best part of working with Scott is that he is a professional who can be trusted. Scott will treat you fairly and respectfully. The starting point of the discussion is ‘what do you need?’ Once answered, Scott’s response is always — ‘there is a way and we will find it.’ Working with Scott is a sure thing.

Seth Zimmer, Executive Director, Organizational Performance, AT&T

Thank you for creating and delivering an OUTSTANDING Leadership Summit for my worldwide organization. Your design and delivery hit the mark for a global organization going through a significant transformation.

The survey feedback from the 95 senior leaders who attended was 100% positive. Incredible !

I am most grateful for the feedback, tools and insights my team gained by going through this Leadership Summit experience. It translated well into the 20-plus cultures that attended.

I need your help to continue to inspire and lead my team through the challenges ahead. I know I can count on you!

Peter Bartolotta, Senior Vice President, Global Services, Lenovo Corporation

Thank you for coming to speak at the M & P All Managers Meeting. Your captivating talk on “The Inspiring Leader” was indeed inspiring. As a result, our attendees walked away with inspirational approaches on how to motivate their respective teams. Thank you again, for such a memorable and enjoyable speech.

Steve Manno, Acting Director, Media and Publications, Internal Revenue Service

I receive daily calls from vendors who want to help improve my business through their products. Scott’s approach is different. His value proposition is his insight and the ability to help me think through my needs. I seek his intellect and his counsel. During our multi-year project together, he helped to transition a group of independent local sales reps into a cohesive and formidable national sales force. Since that initiative our territories have doubled their revenue. Part of this was natural organic growth but part is clearly attributable to the thought leadership he brought to the team.

Matthew Jones, VP Organization Capability, Essilor Labs

Scott’s experience and expertise were valuable assets in our efforts to redefine our sales strategy, and helped to position us to achieve our long term growth objectives.

Jesse Hunter, Executive Vice President, Centene Corporation

Scott provided exceptional value as we worked together to think through strategic decisions, leadership, and addressing the challenges in growing our business.

Joe Brancucci, President and CEO, GTE Financial

I hired Scott Edinger to work with me on refining and implementing our growth strategy. Scott has amazing expertise in sales and leadership, and that was a key factor in our success because the nature of our work involved a lot of change. He worked with me to align our structure and strategy, and to identify new ways to accelerate our growth as we moved to more solutions oriented business. I’ve worked on a few projects with Scott and he always follows through and delivers value for our business.

John O’Shea, President, Vology

I consider Scott Edinger our “Strategy Guru” and he has worked very well with the Board of Directors and our senior managers on a strategy that will help us continue our growth.

Stuart Lindeman, President and CEO, Mission Health

Scott helped us maximize our leadership capabilities. He understood our business and the how to optimize our sales organization. He helped us drive great results for our company.

Pete Peterson, Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales, Tech Data

Scott helped us to navigate changes and increase our productivity and our work was very successful. I was able to rely on Scott as a sounding board and a great source of strategies for key moves. Our team was able to decrease working capital requirements, increase revenue by around $30M, and the results continue to improve. I know when I have future challenges I can count on Scott Edinger.

Mary Lou Sutton, Vice President of Credit and Collections, Manheim

Over the past few years at Gannett Broadcasting, we have put a tremendous amount of energy into transforming our Broadcast Television sales force’s core competencies from one of managing existing demand towards an intense focus on solving customer problems and driving growth by creating new demand across multiple media platforms. To help us navigate through the challenges this kind of change creates, we were able to tap not only into Scott’s strong understanding of results-oriented, customer-focused sales strategies, but also his deep knowledge of the media sales landscape. Scott was able to develop and coach our sellers in a way that allowed them to quickly put new insights into action. We are in a better position to outperform our markets and more importantly, deliver sustainable results for our customers due to the concepts and processes Scott brought to our team.

Anthony Diaz, Vice President Sales Strategy and Development, Gannett Broadcasting

Scott delivered a keynote speech during a senior leadership offsite that was OUTSTANDING. His enthusiasm, knowledge of the material, and ability to connect with the participants ensured the participants came away with the key messages.

Craig Helmen, AVP, Organization Effectiveness, Allianz

Scott has been an invaluable resource for me and my team. His practical, hands-on approach to management, leadership and strategy is a breath of fresh air in an industry that seems to have lost that personal touch. His guidance has been a primary driver of the growth and success of our organization.

Shaun Orcinolo, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Scott is an incredibly dynamic and motivating consultant who helped me and my sales teams to think more creatively and innovate, work collaboratively, and ultimately produce consecutive Region of the Year performances. Scott’s work helped us create a transforming strategy and tactical plan built around teamwork which allowed our medical device company to move the needle, and create and sustain a market leading position. I would highly recommend Scott whether you need to deliver in a start-up situation or a billion-dollar multi-national.

John Kiriako, Regional Director, Boston Scientific

Force 3’s Human Resources team was looking to take a more focused and strategic approach to Human Capital Management. We reached out to Scott Edinger and his team to steer us through the design and implementation of a Leadership Development Initiative for all senior staff members. The result of Scott and his team’s efforts was individualized development for each participant and a leadership team more focused on honest and open communication, challenging each other’s ideas, showing respect and offering solutions.

Jim Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, Force 3

I’ve worked with Scott on several leadership development initiatives in recent years, and each time, he partnered with a high level of commitment, an eagerness to customize solutions so they best served our needs, and a strong attention to detail so that implementations were well executed. He also connected very well with senior leaders, and it was not unusual for them to seek him out after engagements for more follow-up work, including personal coaching. In all, he has been an exceptional partner.

Halle Holland, Vice President, Talent Development, Invesco

I knew developing leaders for our team would make a difference but I was not sure how to go about doing it. Scott Edinger helped me to think through our objectives, develop a strategy, and plan for helping my managers develop and grow. Scott brought the ideas of being a great leader to life in practical ways that integrated into our unique culture. As a result of his work, I see greater collaboration in our teams, higher levels of engagement, and profit improvements as well.

Aaron Novak, Vice President, PSS Medical

I have known Scott since 2006 when I embarked on a major initiative to provide leadership development for our managers. Scott guided our Senior Leadership Team in getting clear alignment around our objectives and strategies.That allowed us to draw a clear line of sight to the business outcomes we could impact and create plans for achieving them. Scott personally helped my team to create a ROA for our initiative.

Scott worked with us to develop leadership skills in a thoughtful and analytical way, which has made a world of difference. Although leadership development is on-going, we received our expected outcomes and goals. Our managers improved their leadership skills as a result of Scott’s work!

Lori Ciano, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Affymetrix

I have worked with Scott for the last three years, and as a keynote speaker for our conference I consistently hear that he is one of the best sessions at our events. As a speaker he is engaging, energetic, and charismatic, in addition to having practical and useful ideas for the participants. You can tell just by the way he speaks he loves what he does and is very passionate about delivering value for everyone involved.

Matthew Jones, VP Organization Capability, Essilor Labs

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