April 16: Video Series Debut

My new article in Harvard Business Review:
Check out my new article in HBR, published April 14. It highlights the challenges of leading revenue growth with the backdrop of a Global Pandemic and economic crisis. Many leaders will feel a sense of fear and dread – yet powerful emotions often lead to poor decisions and practices when it comes to leadership of the sales organization. What works in times of economic expansion isn’t what is needed in a challenging economic environment. It’s not about doing more – it’s about doing things differently.
New Video Series:
The Butterfly Effect: How Leaders Drive Results
This is the first installment of my new video series. The title, The Butterfly Effect, refers to the scientific principle that small inputs multiplied throughout a complex system, such as an organization, create major changes. The series will focus on small pragmatic actions that leaders can take to drive growth, fuel innovation, expand margins, and see improved results throughout your business.
Someday I’ll share how long it took to produce this 2-minute video!
Strategies to Focus Your Sales Organization Through COVID-19
Questions to Consider:
In last week’s newsletter, I wrote about how to avoid miscommunications when working remotely. Harvard Business Review recently published this article about how to keep teams motivated while working remotely. The article has great advice for how to incorporate new rhythms into your team’s work, beginning with five questions to ask during a Monday morning meeting.
  1. What impact did we have last week and what did we learn?
  2. What commitments do we have this week? Who is on point for each?
  3. How can we help each other with this week’s commitments?
  4. What are the areas where we should experiment to improve performance this week?
  5. What experiments will we run, and who is on point for each?

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