Additional Topic Areas:

Below are some examples of speeches Scott has created for special events and client situations. Using his extensive research and published work he will create and deliver a customized message for your audience. Contact us now to talk with Scott about a speech tailored to your business objectives.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Scott has conducted several research studies that codify the practices that create a business culture where innovation flourishes throughout. Some of that research is referenced in his Forbes article, Don’t Innovate. Create a Culture of Innovation.

Strategy Every Day

As a University of North Carolina, Keenan-Flagler School of Business associate faculty member, Scott has taught how to implement strategies and translate them into everyday actions and decisions. He has written about some of these approaches for Forbes in, The Three Cs of Strategy Implementation; and, Strategy, Plans, and Running With the Bulls.

Communicating for Influence

Scott helps audiences use their unique abilities to influence others to foster collaboration, teamwork, and engagement. He draws on his formal education in rhetoric and communication, modernizing ancient principles to help make concepts compelling.

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